Smart Tourism

Sensor Networks for Smart and Sustainable touristic destinations

Gluk Advice B.V. provides Smart Sensor Networks that are monitoring environmental parameters (noise, air quality, water) in touristic destinations. The concentration of too many tourists in popular destinations affects the welfare of the area. Using our sensor networks the decision makers can have in real time the situation in the location the want (e.g. noise level in the historical centre of their town). Through a personalised friendly User Interface can have a clear view and analytics over the measures and take decisions that can increase the welfare, prevent problems for the locals and also prevent negative impact on tourism attraction.

A real story

In on warm summer Mediterranean night, on a very beautiful and busy historic town centre, hundreds of people are enjoying the evening in local bars and restaurants till late. The town is small but due to the beautiful scenery and sea side location, is a massive touristic attraction. The result is that the city is overcrowded which is good for the local economy but affects the daily life of the locals. The municipality has received a lot of complains and they decided to start monitoring the noise levels using Smart Sensors in order to depict better the noise levels behaviour and find solutions.

How it Works

Through the sensor boxes we are monitoring the air quality, the noise levels and in specific cases the water quality in real time. The retrieved data are stored in the cloud where in specific cases we perform analytics.

Our sensor networks are self-deployable, self-manageable requiring the minimum human intervention. It is required only the physical installation (mounting) of the sensor box. We also provide a personalised GUI to the client where all the desired outputs are depicted in a friendly way through a Web interface accessible by computer, tablet or smartphone.

For Whom

This installation is also suitable for touristic businesses that they want to increase the quality levels of the offered services, such as: hotels, active tourism destinations, summer camps, holiday/family parks, etc.