Smart Health


Nowadays, the User Interaction devices evolution, mobility and networks expansion and in general the easiness of use of the IT equipment have led to structural changes in the Healthcare Industry. Evaluating and adopting the current industry trends, potential product and industry developments we offer to our clients' innovative Healthcare IT products and also consulting support in their developments.

Gluk Advice B.V. is offering IT services in sectors as hospital restructuring and administration, healthcare economics and stakeholder engagement. We propose to our clients IT restructuring solutions that minimizing the time wasting, increasing the use of technology and managing in a more efficient way the healthcare related data.

The matters we have handled in the area of IT sector in Healthcare are dealing with:

- Secure data storage and transmission
- Web based software applications
- Wireless communications and mobile networking
- Big Data analysis and management
- Automated user recommendations for administrative decision-making

Healthy Ageing

Gluk Advice B.V. is active in this area and currently is developing this kind of solutions. The company is following up this market and is in close connection with the new trends and developments. The motivation in this market was given, by the participation of the company into the EU Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme.